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Car Service and Repairs in Somerton Park

With over 30 years experience in mechanical, radiators, air conditioners, autogas conversions and much much more, Eastside Automotive is your one stop shop for getting your car up to its peak performance, economy and reliability.

As a family owned and run business, Eastside Automotive take great pride in offering their clients personalised, and friendly service at all times. The business is a member of the Repco Auto Tech training program, ensuring their technicians are kept fully up to date with modern vehicle repair methods.

Eastside Automotive

The team at Eastside Automotive understand what an enthusiast expects, leaving their pride and joy in someone else's hands. You need to know that your car will be treated the same way as you would treat it. Our staff are just like you - enthusiasts. We have, and drive the same types of cars as you do. So it's not hard for us to understand just how you feel when you hand over your keys, and we assure we treat each client as family, since you are the reason we are in business!

Eastside Automotive care about the environment and have Arctick Authorisation to reliably and responsibly conduct automotive air conditioning service (AU29572). ARC Approved Car Air Conditioning Servicing reduces Fuel Costs and protects your health.

• Complete Restoration Service: full and partial restorations or resto-mods of classic cars, no matter how modern or vintage.
• Body Shop: Our professional body shop caters for the fussiest of customers who desire a better than factory finish.
• Service & Tuning Centre: Regular Log Book Servicing or tailored servicing for your unusual or special vehicle.
• Autogas Installation, Servicing & Tank Testing: Adelaide's #1 Autogas Installer. Custom and difficult installations a specialty. Tank testing available.
• American Imports, Compliance & Registration: Fancy some US muscle? We help source, import and register your dream car from overseas.
• Radiators: Our award winning radiator section can supply and fabricate radiators to suit your project.
• Wheels & Tyres: From low-profile current model tyres to white-walls for a classic look and wheels to complete the picture.
• Air Conditioning Installation & Servicing: From daily driver to hot rod, we can fit and service your air conditioning system. (AU29572)
• Fuel Injection Servicing: Diagnosis with our state-of-the-art scanning computer and sonic injection cleaning.

Car restorations, modifications and imports

Exhausts are custom made in-house in our Somerton Park workshop. Crash repairs, including insurance work just add to the complete service offering at Eastside Automotive. Vehicle compliance and engineering are performed and the mechanics fabricate Radiators, Intercoolers and other parts and accessories to order - almost anything you require, just ask us and we can make it happen! Please see our in-depth study on car care, attention and detailed work in case studies of complete car transformation at Eastside Automotive workshop - we love your car as much as you do!

Our EME section specialise in 2015 Onward S550 Mustangs and we are affiliated with the following brands:

  • Roush USA
  • Mustang Motorsport Australia
  • Vertical doors Inc USA
  • MP Concepts Australia
  • ROH wheels
  • Xforce Exhausts
  • DBA brakes

If you have seen it, we can get it! We also cater for a wide range of late model US manufactured vehicles.

Fleet service 5 days a week

Trust your business to our business. Log book servicing, whilst maintaining your new car warranty entitlements, is performed by our qualified technicians. The special advantage for you is knowing that no matter what area of your car needs repair or diagnosis, we have a specialist available who is conversant and experienced with that area of the car.

Smart Start Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device Installation and Service

We install and service Smart Start Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices to all makes and models including motorcycles.

LPG Servicing & Testing in Somerton Park

Eastside Automotive, your one-stop-shop for LPG Vehicle Testing, Repair, Recertification and Servicing of LPG Vehicles and Gas Cylinders.

Parts, products, agents, accessories and equipment

Autogas Installations: LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas - a mixture of light hydrocarbons that are gases at normal temperatures and pressures, but liquify at moderate pressures or reduced temperatures. LPG used as automotive fuel is referred to as LPG Autogas. Venturi System works well on the vast majority of cars manufactured prior to 2004. Gas Vapour Injection uses the same technology to feed the engine with fuel (gas) as a fuel injected car would normally use, e.g. computer control and injectors. At Eastside Automotive, we perform Routine Autogas Servicing, Fault Finding, Unexpected Emergencies, 10 year tank testing, Specialist Dyno tuning and more by our experienced staff.

Since 1930 the Motor Radiators name has been synonymous with quality in the radiator industry. Originally set up to build and supply radiators to the Holden car factory, it later became affiliated with Natra Ltd who were original equipment suppliers to the big 3. In 2000, it joined the Natra's retail arm Natrad as a franchisee and after just a few years started being recognised among its peers as a standout leader on a state level. In 2007 Eastside Automotive were awarded the National Franchise Of The Year award, a first for South Australia! Meeting the criteria for this award is extremely demanding and after constant changes, streamlining and putting in a serious and professional effort we finally got the grand prize. You, our customers, can only benefit from our pursuit for perfection.

Eastside Automotive is excited to announce that we are now offering ZIP Pay! We understand that budgeting for car repairs can be difficult, we are hoping to ease some of that financial stress by offering this 'buy now, pay later' method.

Free WiFi Internet is available at our workshop for customers to use while they wait - try it out next time you visit us. Call Eastside Automotive now or make an appointment online!

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